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Soph Jewels is founded by Danish jewellery designer Farhan Ghulam in 2017.

His design demonstrates a preoccupation with South Asian artisanship combined with the sleek designs of Scandinavia intriguing. All of his fine pieces are designed by himself and handmade by goldsmiths with generations of expertise as jewellers.


The brand is build around the ancient concept of the word Soph. It is an expression of wisdom and refers to the ability to think and act wisely by using knowledge, experience and understanding – which in the ancient times often involved precious stones in spiritual growth.

Soph Jewels is an attempt to merge this concept with the two jewellery universe into one vision, by simplifying jewellery with character from the South Asian world, with the Scandinavian design principles combined with fine selection of precious stones true to South Asian roots – that will reflect into timeless beauty.

Soph Jewels appeal to discerning collectors looking for fine details and designs that can be reflected into personality. The brand spirit is driven by personal journey in life, as person, and artistically that reaches a higher unit.