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Whether you wear Soph jewellery regularly or occasionally, it is an investment of fine craftsmanship and authentic design that require care and attention. With our jewellery care recommendations of your Soph Jewels piece, you can feel secure that your precious jewellery are well maintained.

It is our mission to create jewellery that will last forever in the name of timeless beauty, something that will be your companion for life or a piece of fine piece that you can pass on as a keepsake to your loved ones. Following recommendations will help you to preserve the original condition of you Soph jewellery if worn on a daily basis.

  • Allow yourself the necessary time to handle your jewellery carefully.
  • Wear your jewellery in the morning and take it off at night before bedtime.
  • Ensure that you remove your jewellery when washing your hands and putting on perfume or face cream.
  • Take your regular activities into account when choosing your jewellery. Avoid wearing them on the beach, in the swimming pool, bathing or when performing sport activities. Wearing your jewellery should also be avoided when doing housework or gardening.
  • Avoid friction caused by wearing several rings on the same finger or wearing several bracelets on the same hand wrist.


Your precious jewellery can be scratched when they come in contact with other jewellery. Store your Soph jewellery individually in the Soph Jewels case. Chains should be closed and laid in flat position to avoid the formation of knots. You are strongly advised not to place several pieces of jewellery together without protection.

Some precautionary measures before putting on your fine jewellery if containing diamonds or other precious stones should be considered;

  • Examine it from time to time; the task of cleaning the jewellery should be entrusted to a certified Soph Jewels distributor. If it does not include such stones, you may carry out the cleaning yourself by gently rubbing it using only a soft brush and tap water.
  • Check that the clasp is not loose and the stone is well set and is not losing its grip. If you are in slightest doubt, it is advisable not to wear your fine jewellery until you have had it checked with a certified Soph Jewels distributor.